Aided by at least party switches in two seats in Florida, all three in Indiana, two in New Hampshire, two in New York and more, Democrats will take over majority control of the United States House of Representatives.

With key victories in blue-base states as well as in the south and Republican strongholds, CNN projects the Democratic party will gain at least the 15 seats needed for the majority.

Two Connecticut House elections remain a tossup at this hour, according to CNN.

Several Senate seats remain up for grabs as well. Jim Talent is likely to win in Missouri. The incumbent holds a fairly strong lead over Claire McCaskill. In Montana, Democrat Jon Tester took an early lead over Conrad Burns. Virginia remains too close to call.

The most closely watched race remains, and will remain the rest of the night, the Tennessee Senate election, where Republican Bob Corker has maintained a lead over Democrat Harold Ford, but it is too close to call.

Democrats have been projected to take over seats in Ohio, Rhode Island, where a liberal Republican in Lincoln Chafee was unseated and Pennsylvania, where Rick Santorum lost definitively.

A Democratic takeover in the Senate is unlikely.

John Guilfoil, writer of PRrag, is the Editor of Blast Magazine and a former staff reporter for the Boston Globe.

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